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I am a self-taught web developer with a passion for technology. My skills include HTML5, CSS Preprocessor ( LESS), JavaScript, JQuery, GIT, Grunt, responssive email and more.


Using AJAX

Check out this cool AJAX API using JSON to add your favorite drink.

My Ajax API
Ajax API


Implementing the NY-Times open source news API using AJAX.

News API
Ajax News API

Tax Warrior

I redesigned the old website, which was table based. Now it sits on a new framework with responsive design.

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Tax warrior website image


Built from scratch. This design is based on “boilerplate” framework. I implemented SEO techniques to optimize this website for better ranking.

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bay area website image


I Worked with child themes in WordPress to manipulate the CSS layout. I also integrating Facebook social API with an audio player.

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Fifth cylinder website image

Mobile Only

I Created the mobile version of the Celtic Locksmith website. It uses JQuery mobile framework and a small script to detect a browser type.

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Landing Gap inc.

Gap Inc. Web Developer

Collaborates with brand production, brand web design and marketing teams to create and maintain visual design into functional web pages.

Email Master The Art of Making Emails

Created more than 40 dynamic responsive email templates for Wine.com's e-commerce business. I hand-coded using HTML, CSS and Razor Syntax technologies to talk to the database.

HTML Email Code Sample


wine.com email template wine.com mobile email

Shopping Cart Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart Overhaul UX/UI

I transformed Wine.com's table-based shopping cart to a standard HTML semantic. This improved usability and response time. Keeping the code clean enhanced performance when sending a large volume of emails. In this project I used GIT, LESS, Visual Studio, a text editor and Jira.

Holiday Season Landing Pages

Holiday season is the busiest time in retail. As a marketing liaison, I received Photoshop compositions for landing pages and hand-coded them using a text editor. I then copied my work into Wine.com's Mojo Portal CMS for publishing.

Landing Page

Wireframing. Idea, sketch, build

The workflow of your ideas must start somewhere. Wireframing helps to reveal the look, functionality and relationship of the product. It often helps me discover the best solutions and throw out the bad ones.

The web developer-designer gap. How to close the gap?

My expertise as a web developer is to close the workflow between the graphic designers and the web developers. When the graphic mockup of the website is ready, it needs to be translated into a proper HTML, CSS and JavaScript. That necessary step brings the design to life within a web browser.

JavaScript DOM Manipulation Example


The developer gap image

Coffee art. From PSD to a website.

In this example, I take a Photoshop PSD file from the graphic designer and code it into HTML and CSS format for the web. Some of the benefits for proper HTML syntax and correct page structure results in better data mapping and SEO ranking for the website. Screen readers and optimal delivery time are additional user benefits. Download the original PSD file.

Responsive HTML email. A marketing tool.

Knowing how to code a proper HTML email is essential to every business. It's crucial to keep in touch with customers, promote products and seal new deals. An email campaign is an important social tool and another skill I deploy as web developer.

Greeting HTML email

Newsteller HTML email

Promotion HTML email

Invitation email

Responsive design. Your website cross platforms.

With clean design and simplicity in mind, I can develop a startup template that works with mobile, tablet and desktop viewports. This particular design features lettering.js. Its a JavaScript library that manipulates text.

German Shepherd breed. Basic knowledge.

I share my experience as a German Shepherd owner to educate people about the breed. Owning a dog requires a lot of work, like a website you must keep maintaining.

JavaScript Overlay Code Sample


Fixed width website. Integrating AJAX, @fontface.

Fixed web design using fixed position to achieve interesting effects. Valid HTML semantics without the use of excessive classes for styling. Other technologies are JQuery, AJAX, Awesome Font and Flickr callouts.

JavaScript XMLHttpReques (AJAX) Example


And lastly, this one. Hobby.

Playing music. I've been fortunate to take music lessons as a teenager. Drums are my main instrument. As a self starter, I taught myself to play the piano, bass guitar, accoustic guitar and accordion. I play and record music at my home studio. YouTube

Audio Player

JavaScript Audio Player

Custom built audio player using pure JavaScript.

Download Code

News API - Working With AJAX and JSON.

Customizing NY-Times API and working with JSON to retrieve news on this web page.